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NGC 2346 (PN)

Image source: DSS II (red) - 5'×5'
Name: NGC2346, PK215+3.1, H4.65, Butterfly Nebula, The Hourglass
Type: PN
Constellation: Mon
Coordinates: 07h09m22.52s / -00°48'23.62"
Brightness / Size: 11m.6 / 1.0'×0.9'
Bright planetary. UHC and [OIII] filter show great effect.

Robert Zebahl
8" f/6, 80x + [OIII], Bortle 4, SQM-L 21.0
Conditions in the target region: SQM-L 20.2
At 80x without filter the 10.96 mag central star is dominating. With averted vision the nebula is very small and faint and can be easily overlooked. At 150x the nebula is more evident with averted vision and shows declining edges. At 80x with [OIII] filter the planetary appeared very bright and was visible with direct vision, whereby also the visual size increased in comparison to without a filter. The central star was not perceptible anymore. The nebula was an evenly bright disc with slightly declining edges. At 150x with [OIII] filter the central star was still not visible, the nebula seemed to be slightly oval. With UHC filter the planetary and the central star was quite well visible at 150x.

René Merting
100mm f/6.4, 38x + UHC, SQM-L 21.3
bei 32x ist der Schmetterlingsnebel ein kleiner diffuser Fleck, nicht mehr stellar - bei 38x wird der PN besser sichtbar, indirekt deutlich heller - Filter wirken kontraststeigernd

12.5" f/4.5, 160x + [OIII], SQM-L 21.3
bei 72x ohne Filter wirkt der PN wie ein Faststern - bei 111x und [OIII] zeigt sich NGC 2346 flächig mit Helligkeitsabnahme nach Südosten und Nordwesten - der PN zeigt kaum klare Konturen - mit 160x und UHC wirkt das Zentrum stellar, der Nebel insgesamt gesehen noch recht rund - bei 240x ist der ZS eindeutig auszumachen