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Hickson 34 (GxG)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 5'×5'
Name: Hickson 34, HCG34, Arp327
Type: GxG
Constellation: Ori
Coordinates: 05h21m47.00s / +06°41'00.00"

Group Members:
NGC1875 13m.7 0.8'×0.7'
PGC17173 b18m.3 0.2'×0.2'
PGC17175 b17m.1 0.4'×0.2'
PGC17176 b17m.4 0.4'×0.2'
Southeastern of the dominant NGC1875 are the three much more fainter members, which are arranged in a curved chain.

Robert Zebahl
8" f/6, 216x, Bortle 5+, SQM-L 20.9
Conditions in the target region: SQM-L 20.3
I've only tried the bright NGC1875 of course: Altitude of about 40°. Appeared round, almost evenly bright, difficult to hold with averted vision.

René Merting
12.5" f/4.5, 160x, SQM-L 21.3
bei 131x ist NGC 1875 indirekt als zarte Aufhellung sichtbar - bei 160x blitzt der Kern mitunter etwas heller hervor