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Hickson 68 (GxG)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 13'×13'
Name: Hickson 68, HCG68
Type: GxG
Constellation: CVn
Coordinates: 13h53m40.00s / +40°19'00.00"

Group Members:
NGC5350 (UGC8810, H2.713) 11m.3 3.2'×2.6' (40°)
NGC5353 (UGC8813, H2.714) 11m.0 2.8'×1.9' (145°)
NGC5354 (UGC8814, H2.715) 11m.4 2.2'×2.0'
NGC5355 (UGC8819, H3.699) 13m.1 1.2'×0.7' (5°)
NGC5358 (UGC8826) 13m.6 1.1'×0.3' (138°)
Very bright Hickson Group. The brightest members should be well visible also with smaller aperture.

Robert Zebahl
8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 4, NELM 6m.0
At 37x the two brightest members NGC5353 and NGC5354 are evident with averted vision and clearly separated from each other. At 100x NGC5353 appeared slightly oval with bright, distinct core, whereas NGC5354 appeared more roundish and evenly bright. Also well visible is NGC5350, which is largest member of the group. Already visible at 37x with averted vision as relatively large, roundish, rather faint brightening. At 100x the center was somewhat brighter. The much more fainter NGC5355 was well seen at 150x with averted vision as slightly elongated brightening. The faintest member is NGC5358: At 150x I could barely see this galaxy with averted vision as very compact, diffuse brightening, which was probably only the bright core area.