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Arp 166 (GxG)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 5'×5'
Name: Arp166
Type: GxG
Constellation: Tri
Coordinates: 01h57m32.30s / +33°12'30.00"

Group Members:
NGC750 (UGC1430, H2.222) 11m.9 1.6'×1.3' (170°)
NGC751 (UGC1431) 12m.5 1.2'×1.2' (90°)
Robert Zebahl
8" f/6, 96x, Bortle 5, NELM 5m.5+, SQM-L 20.8
Both galaxies already visible at 37x as compact brightening. At 96x evident with averted vision, roundish to slightly oval, slight brightening toward the middle. At 171x not clearly separated, but NGC751 appeared as extension. At 214x both galaxies could be separated in few moments. NGC750 appeared larger.

8" f/6, 171x, Bortle 4, NELM 6m.0+, SQM-L 21.1
NGC750 appeared round with brighter core. I meant to see this galaxy separated from its neighbour NGC751, but unsure and without dark space. NGC750 appeared interestingly somewhat more compact than NGC751 - maybe a mistake by myself!? However NGC750 was well visible with averted vision. I will have a closer look at this galaxy pair the next time.

René Merting
12.5" f/4.5, 160x, SQM-L 21.5
NGC 750: bei 111x ist NGC 750 nicht zu trennen und wirkt zusammen mit NGC 751 leicht länglich

NGC 751: bei 160x als Kondensation in nördlichen Teil dieses Nebels erkennbar - sie wirkt etwas größer und heller als der südliche Teil des Nebels