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Arp 31 (Gx)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
Name: IC167, UGC1313, Arp31
Type: Gx
Constellation: Ari
Coordinates: 01h51m08.65s / +21°54'44.80"
Brightness / Size: 13m6 / 2.9x1.9'
About 5' northwestward you can find the very compact NGC694 with high surface brightness.

Robert Zebahl
8" f/6, 150x, Bortle 4-, SQM-L 20.8
Extremely faint, small, roundish. Glimpsed with averted vision.

Arp 78 (GxG)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 10×10'
Name: Arp78
Type: GxG
Constellation: Ari
Coordinates: 01h59m18.00s / +18°59'30.00"

Group Members:
NGC770 (UGC1463) 12m9 1.1x0.8' (10°)
NGC772 (IC646, UGC1466, H1.112) 10m3 7.4x4.9' (135°)
Robert Zebahl
8" f/6, 80x, Bortle 3-, SQM-L 21.0
The bright NGC772 was already evident at 37x, oval with much brighter center and visible with direct vision. At 80x also the fainter companion NGC770 was well visible with averted vision as quite compact, roundish brightening.
NGC772 appeared in a 10 inch Dobsonian slightly drop-shaped.

Arp 276 (GxG)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
Name: Arp276
Type: GxG
Constellation: Ari
Coordinates: 02h28m12.00s / +19°35'40.00"

Group Members:
NGC935 (UGC1937) 12m8 1.7x1.1'
IC1801 (UGC1936) 14m0 1.4x0.6'
Robert Zebahl
8" f/6, 96x, Bortle 4, SQM-L 21.0
Conditions in the target region: SQM-L 20.9
I only saw NGC935 for sure: At 96x obviously oval, center seemed to be somewhat brighter, otherwise rather evenly bright. At 171x I could saw a stellar brightening within the halo. Probably this was the 14.27m foreground star southeast of the core. The axial ratio was about 1:2 to 1:3. IC1801 wasn't clearly visible to me.
Even under better conditions (Bortle 3-, SQM-L at the zenith 21.3) IC1801 was not visible at 171x.