- Globular Clusters (Lyn) -

And (1) Boo (1) Del (2) Lyr (1) Sct (1) Vir (1)
Aql (3) Cap (1) Her (3) Oph (7) Ser (4)
Aqr (2) Com (3) Lep (1) Peg (2) Sge (1)
Aur (1) CVn (1) Lyn (1) Sco (2) Sgr (6)

NGC 2419 (GC)

Image source: DSS II (blue) - 6×6'
Name: NGC2419, H1.218, Intergalactic Wanderer
Type: GC
Constellation: Lyn
Coordinates: 07h38m08.51s / +38°52'54.90"
Brightness / Size: 10m1 / 6.0x6.0'
Robert Zebahl
80mm f/7.5, 67x, Bortle 6-, SQM-L 19.0
Very faint, round, barely condensed.

4.5" f/8, 100x, Bortle 7, NELM 4.5
Glimpsed with averted vision as very faint, round brightening after several minutes of concentrated observation. Forms a line with two brighter stars.

120mm f/5, 67x, Bortle 6, SQM-L 19.3
At 33x pretty faint, even at 67x not very conspicuous, round, moderately condensed.


8" f/6, 37x, Bortle 4
Round, brightening toward the middle. Neither resolvable nor granulous even at 80x. Barely visible with direct vision.

René Merting
12.5" f/4.5, 160x, SQM-L 21.5
der KS zeigt sich bei 45x als zarter Schimmer - bei 72x wird ein homogen helles Bällchen mit diffusen Rändern sichtbar, das einer Galaxie sehr ähnelt - indirekt wirkt der KS fluffiger - bei 160x wirkt der KS noch immer recht hell - auch bei 240x sind keine Sterne herauslösbar