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Hickson 88 (GLXGRP)

Image source: DSS II (red) - 12×12'
Name: HCG88
Constellation: Aqr
Coordinates: 20h52m24.00s / -05°44'59.00"

Group Members:
NGC6975 (NGC6976) 14m0 0.8x0.7' (5°)
NGC6977 13m2 1.3x0.9'
NGC6978 13m3 1.5x0.7' (125°)
MCG-1-53-14 (PGC65612) b15m0 1.1x0.3' (70°)
Robert Zebahl
8" f/6, 171x, Bortle 4, NELM 6.0+, SQM-L 21.1
SQM-L 20.6, Alt ca. 32°: Due to its low altitude this galaxy group can be a real challenge for 8 inch. Only the two brightest members were visible, which appeared similar bright. NGC6978 is the largest one and appeared elongated and almost evenly bright at 171x. However this galaxy wasn't evident at the first glance, but afterwards easily held with averted vision. NGC6977 is similarly difficult, somewhat fainter, roundish and evenly bright.

33" f/3.9, 194x, Bortle 4, NELM 6.0+, SQM-L 21.1
SQM-L 20.6, Alt ca. 32°: The two brightest members were obvious and visible with direct vision. NGC6978 was obviously elongated with a brighter core, NGC6977 was smaller, roundish to slightly oval with somewhat brighter core. Between these two galaxies a star was apparent. NGC6975 was fainter and only visible with averted vision as roundish nebula with also somewhat brighter core. All three galaxies are arranged in a line with almost same distances. A nice view! The faintest member (PGC65612) wasn't visible due to problems with dew on the secondary mirror. With large aperture a very nice Hickson Group.